Hypro also offer a full range of optional accessories and maintenance items. Some of the items that we stock are shown here, but please call us for more details and part numbers. For details on nozzles for knapsack sprayers see here

The lance is an important accessory for comfort and ensuring the spray gets to the right place. Rigid and flexible options are available in a variety of materials. Telescopic lances are offered in 2.4 and 3.6 metres.

For full details of the lance and extension options and prices, please For details please call or e-mail.

Replacement hand lances

Spares and Accessories

Spray shield

Diaphragm valve and seal kit

Stabilizes spraying pressure at the nozzle to  1 bar. This avoids over-application thereby saving money and ensuring compliance with product labels and regulations. It also reduces the number of strokes that are needed saving the user unnecessary effort. Essential to provide traceability should the rate of use ever be questioned.  Also stops spray drips once the trigger is released to prevent contamination.

No-Drip Pressure regulator

Cowling that protects area around spray when spot treating weeds.

Depending on the amount of spraying and chemicals used, diaphragms and seals will wear and need replacement. This is a simple operation using a pack that contains all the parts required.

Part number: 19200806

RRP: £39.30 + vat

RRP: £15.40 + vat

Part number: 19455004

Allows the user to monitor spraying pressure even when not spraying. Helps regulate pumping stroke count to achieve the required spraying pressure. Useful to demonstrate compliance with product labels and spraying regulations.

Profile handle with built in pressure gauge

Part number: 19282860

RRP: 26.40 + vat

Spray booms

Create a multi nozzle outlet capability from a single lance.
Choice of 2, 3 or 4 nozzle boom options. Does not include nozzles.

RRP: £12.27 + vat

Part number: 19212310

RRP: £23.87 + vat

RRP: £23.24 + vat

RRP: £52.13 + vat

Part number: 19220516 (2 nozzle)

Part number: 19255044 (3 nozzle)

Part number: 19215071 (4 nozzle)

60 cm and telescopic spray lance extensions

Lance extensions are offered for existing lances. These extend the lance by a fixed 60 cm and are constructed from a hardwearing composite material. Fit all the sprayers that offered by Hypro. For details on the option you need please call or e-mail.

RRP: £23.63 + vat

Part number: 19280362

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RRP: £80.80 + vat

2.4 m telescopic lance, part number: 19251622

RRP: £98.77 + vat

3.6 m telescopic lance, part number: 19282447

RRP: £12.18 + vat

1.0 m telescopic lance, part number: 19212261

Hypro can  supply all Berthoud sprayer spares parts. To identify the parts, please click on the model below to display the spares diagrams: