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Knapsack Sprayer Nozzles

Choosing the right nozzle is essential to getting the best performance from the chemical that you are applying.

Consider the nature of the target, the mode of action of the chemical in nozzle selection.

One you have decided on the nozzle type that you need, select the correct flow rate from the tables provided for each nozzle.

Knapsack Nozzle tables

Correct calibration is then essential to ensuring the right rate is applied.

Knapsack nozzles are particularly at risk from damage. Always carry spare nozzles and ensure that your nozzles are in good condition prior to spraying. Do not poke anything into a nozzle orifice to clean it.


A non-blocking nozzle that delivers a coarse spray suitable for soil acting or systemic herbicides where there is plenty of weed growth. Variable swath width options.

A medium spray suitable for a wide variety of spray jobs.

A fine spray for good coverage. Suitable where good spray coverage is needed including contact acting herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

Flood type—Coarse spray

Evenspray– Medium spray

Hollow Cone– Fine spray

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