Knapsack, Trolley and Hand Held Sprayer Products

Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Comfort Pro Berthoud Vermorel 1800 Comfort Pro

RRP: £189.52 + vat

Part number: 18102022

Designed specifically for ease of use with the professional user in mind and our most popular knapsack sprayer. Features ergonomic back frame and full comfort adjustable strapping and professional ‘profile’ telescopic lance that includes pressure relief valve to prevent spraying above 1 to 5 bar target pressure. Supplied with a set of 4 different Hypro nozzle options. Now with Viton® seals for improved chemical resistance.

RRP: £154.97 + vat

Part number: 18102088

Slightly lower specification than the Vermorel 2000 with a lower price. Retains the same comfort features and high performance pump as the Vermorel 2000. Fitted with 0.6 metre stainless steel lance. Now with Viton® seals for improved chemical resistance.

RRP: £562.20 + vat

Part number: 18102140

The equivalent to the Vermorel 2000 Comfort Pro but  electrically powered. Slightly larger 18 litre tank. Durable electric motor powered by a 12V rechargeable Li-Ion battery that delivers 6 hours use. Supplied with quick (2.5 hours) charger. No heavier than the manual version.

RRP: £947.76 + vat

Part number: 18102141

Text Box: The Vermorel 2000 EP mounted onto a trolley with large diameter rubber wheels with comfortable rubber pulling handle. Ideal for parks and gardens. Includes  5 metre hose for ease of use. Now with Viton® seals for improved chemical resistance.

RRP: £98.64 + vat

Part number: 18101005

Ideal for smaller area and volume spraying. Features include a manual pressure pump, quick release hose connector with ‘no-return’ valve, 50-100 cm telescopic lance, adjustable jet nozzle with integral swirl plate and comfortable carrying handle. Viton seals allow use of more demanding spray materials such as disinfectants.

RRP: £79.04 + vat

Part number: 18101003

A slightly smaller version of the Elyte 14 with the same performance and comfort features.

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RRP: £101.51 + vat

Part number: 18102216

A lower cost 18 litre sprayer with ergonomic tank shape, piston pump and 0.6 metre aluminium spray lance.  Build to professional standard and featuring a universal nozzle body that accepts all Hypro nozzles, ‘profile’ style handgrip, wide neck and carrying handle.