Berthoud knapsack sprayers are recognized as the most comfortable and reliable knapsack sprayer by the professional spray operator - and when you work with a sprayer all day it allows plenty of time to appreciate the differences.

Berthoud have used their 100 years of manufacturing experience to develop the Vermorel range of knapsack sprayers, designed for comfort, convenience and performance:

 High performance diaphragm pump that requires only 8-10 strokes per minute to maintain a typical spraying pressure

 Contoured back frame

 Low resistance pumping handle that can be mounted on either side

 Full comfort waterproof strapping with a ventilated padded back. Fully adjustable with a and quick release waist belt for maximum comfort

Hypro are the main distributor of Berthoud professional knapsack sprayers, electric knapsack, electric trolley sprayers and hand held sprayers in the UK and also supply a range of spares, knapsack accessories and knapsack sprayer nozzles.

Hypro sell through a network of distributors so there is always a supplier local to you for sales and support.

A catalogue that features the full Berthoud range is available. Please e-mail us including your name and address to receive one in the post.

Berthoud sprayers are manufactured to ISO 9001 certification standards.

This site also contains links to useful information on legislation that affects knapsack spraying, codes of practice and advice that cover areas such as knapsack spraying problem solving and knapsack sprayer calibration, knapsack sprayer training organizations and knapsack sprayer testing locations.

Hypro were established as Lurmark in the UK and are the market leading manufacturer of spray nozzles for field and hand held sprayers. In addition Hypro manufacture centrifugal pumps and sprayer components for field sprayers and distribute AR diaphragm pumps in the UK.


Company links:

Vermorel comfort ergonomic back frame

Vermorel contoured knapsack frames spread the load evenly between the back and the shoulders.

Vermorel knapsacks all offer ventilated comfort padding around waist and shoulders.

Elyte comression sprayer detail

Elyte compression models feature comfortable pump handle with durable metal rod and wide adjustable shoulder strap.

Knaosack sporaying with telescopic lance

Hypro also offer a full range of replacement parts and accessories such as extendable lances for specialist spraying work.

Anvil knapsack nozzlesHollow cone knapsack nozzlesEvenspray knapsack nozzle

Choosing the right nozzle is essential to getting the best performance from your knapsack sprayer. Click for information on Hypro nozzles suitable for knapsack sprayers

Berthoud Vermorel 200 Comfort Pro

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Spares catalogues added to website for all models


Vermorel 2000 demonstration video


Vermorel range now with Viton seals for improved chemical resistance


See the Cosmos Pro knapsack sprayer and Elyte handheld in video action

Download full Berthoud knapsack and hand held sprayer range (large 10,000 kb file)